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September Democratic Debate Will Feature 10 Candidates

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SXS R02 Overclocking bluerr (Masterpiece IDW Styled bluerr) We now know firmly that the third Democratic debate, coming up on Sept. 12, hosted by ABC, will be held to just one night and feature only 10 qualifying candidates. The repercussions for tightening...
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Will There Be Presidential Debates In 2020?

We’re all focused on the Democratic debates, but it got us to thinking, what if Donald Trump refuses to debate—not only his GOP challengers, but the Democratic candidate in the Fall? Remember that Trump...
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Candidates Hit DNC Over Debate Rules As Deadline Approaches

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The last day for candidates to submit their polling and fundraising data to earn a September Democratic debate spot is on Wednesday, August 28. There are 10 candidates, so far, that have qualified for...

Moulton Ends 2020 Campaign, Says Race Is “Biden, Warren And Sanders”

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Following in the footsteps of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who earlier this week ended his 2020 presidential campaign, Rep. Seth Moulton, of Massachusetts' 6th District, has decided to take the same course. Moulton had...
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Dem Presidential Primary Not The Only Show In Town

Most of the attention on presidential politics is focused on the Democrats, since just about everyone but Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton may run. But there is now some talk on the GOP side....
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What’s In Tulsi Gabbard’s Future?

Long before the Internet, Sydney Harris wrote a newspaper column called, "Things I Learned While Looking Up Other Things." It was a great read because the items were always wide-ranging and surprising. This writer...
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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Ends Presidential Campaign

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The 2020 Democratic field shrunk by one candidate overnight as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee decided to bow out of the campaign. The writing was on the wall for Inslee for weeks now having failed...
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Dr. Jill Biden’s Electability Argument Shows Weak Strategy

Perhaps the alternate headline could read something like, "Jill Biden offers fragile electability defense of husband, Joe Biden," or similar. The backstory is that speaking at a campaign event on Monday, Dr. Jill Biden...
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Transformer Hasbro Takara 1985 G1 Breakdown Stunticon Menasor Complete combiner The topic of healthcare, namely in the form of Medicare For All, has been a widely debated and contested issue during the first two Democratic debates. The real divide among the field is whether...